Should I be concerned about wells or gas lines near my home or business?

Well Sites

There are Federal, State and local laws to ensure well sites are safe during drilling and ongoing operations.  To review the various state laws that govern the drilling and maintenance operations, please visit the COGCC website.

In the Town of Frederick, there are required actions before any new well may be drilled. This includes notifying neighboring property owners and review by town staff. However, maintenance operations for existing wells do not require prior notice. The Oil and Gas industry places a high priority on the safety of its workers. It also cares about the safety of the communities that live near its operations. A temporary safety fence will be installed around the entire perimeter of the operations area when it's within a town. In some cases, security monitoring of the area can take place during drilling and completion operations. Once operations are complete, wellheads are typically secured with a six-foot-tall fence. The grounds should be maintained by the oil and gas company. This is a further safety measure. While the site is secured by a fence, oil and gas extraction is an industrial activity using heavy equipment. Any unauthorized entry into an oil and gas well site or facility may pose a risk to health and safety. It could also damage the specialized equipment. Please immediately report any unauthorized activity to Frederick Police, the oil and gas operator, or the COGCC

For more information, contact COGCC or view Article 9 of the Land Use Code

Gas Lines

An underground gas line should be no greater hazard than any other utility. Underground utilities are almost everywhere. These can include electrical, cable, water, sewer, or a natural gas or oil collection line. Before you dig, call the Utility Notification Center at 811 to get utility locates. 


Leaks can be caused by many things, such as aging infrastructure, and corrosion properties in the soil and crude oil. If you discover a crude oil or natural gas line leak, vacate the area immediately then call 911. The local authorities will secure the site and take care of the repair and clean up. The COGCC and Colorado Department of Natural Resources will oversee this process to ensure proper cleanup.