Water Conservation

Water is a valuable resource that we often take for granted. Here in Frederick, we are living at the edge of what was once called the Great American Desert. Slightly more than half of all the water that we use is not for drinking, cooking, or bathing, but instead, it is used outside of our houses for our yards and recreation. This is why we must be conscious of our outdoor water usage, and we must take measures to conserve this precious resource. The town has long-range plans to preserve and conserve our water resources now and in the future.

Take advantage of water-saving programs!

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Slow the Flow 

Are you struggling to wrap your head around your sprinkler system? The Town of Frederick and Resource Central can help with a free sprinkler consultation. Resource Central Technicians will run a few tests to check your sprinklers’ efficiency and diagnose any problems your system might have. At the end of your consultation, you’ll receive a customized watering schedule designed to reduce water usage and keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all summer long!

Consultations last about 75 minutes and could help you save thousands of gallons of water each year. It’s easy to sign up and get long-lasting results! Simply call (303) 999-3824 or Sign Up. Appointments are limited, so call or sign up today!

After scheduling a Slow the Flow outdoor audit with Resource Central you’ll have an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable water conservation specialist who will assess your sprinkler’s water usage and efficiency. They’ll even diagnose any problems, fix the small issues, and offer suggestions on how to fix anything more major. At the end of the inspection, you’ll receive a customized watering schedule designed to keep your water bill low and help to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful through the summer and for years to come! For more than 10 years, Slow the Flow has been helping homeowners in the Front Range to save money on their water bills. 

Watch a Slow the Flow audit to learn more about the audit process. 

Garden In A Box

Garden kits are sold out for the spring season! If you missed out on spring planting, please email Sarah Watson to be placed on an interest list. 

Water Conservation Plan

The Town has completed a Water Conservation Plan that has been approved by the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The plan is being implemented and includes a wide variety of water conservation measures to assist all of us in conserving the town’s water supply.

Helpful Resources and Guidelines