Election Information

Frederick Official Results - April 5, 2022 Election

Dan March, Windi Padia, and Chad teVelde elected to serve on the Frederick Board of Trustees.


The Town of Frederick held a mail ballot election for three (3) open Board of Trustee positions on April 5, 2022. The results are in for the 2022 regular municipal election. 1398 Ballots were processed. The following is a tally of the votes as the names appeared on the ballot:

Candidates         Votes    

Dan March          595
Windi Padia        600
Brent Bertron      416
Chad teVelde        718
Suzanna Healy      420
Thomas Cave        289
Aaron Marquez      413
Randy B. Robinson  174  

 The Town of Frederick mailed 11,362 ballots to registered voters. 

Regular Elections

The Town of Frederick conducts Regular Municipal Elections on the first Tuesday in April of even-numbered years. Trustees serve four-year staggered terms and the Mayor serves a four-year term.

The Town of Frederick may hold special elections from time to time according to the provisions of the Colorado Revised Statutes and the Frederick Municipal Code.

Coordinated Elections

From time to time the Board of Trustees may hold coordinated elections.  Those elections are coordinated by the Weld County Election Department and are held in November.