Rodent Abatement

The Town of Frederick Board of Trustees passed Ordinance 1070, effective March 1, 2012, that makes landowners, lessees, agents, and occupants in possession or control of any lot that adjoins or is within 100 feet of a residential lot, nonresidential district boundary, or town-owned land responsible for rodent abatement.

Rodent Prevention Responsibilities
If you fall into any of the categories described above, you are responsible for preventing any rodent pests (prairie dogs, ground squirrel, pocket gopher, jackrabbit, or other rodents not commonly kept within the home) on your property from relocating to, infesting or damaging public land, sidewalks, streets, alleys, or other properties. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to $1,000.

Written Notices
The town will provide a written notice that will give you a minimum of 30 days to remove or exterminate rodents in order to prevent them from relocating to any lot that adjoins or is within 100 feet of your property. If the violation persists after 30 days, the town may issue a summons.

Rodent Abatement Contractors
Frederick Public Works doesn’t perform rodent abatement, but you will be given the option to contract with the town’s rodent abatement contractor at the same price given to the town. However, you can also hire a contractor of your choice to remove or exterminate the rodents.