History of Frederick

The town has a rich history that we should all strive to remember and perpetuate. Frederick was incorporated in 1907 by three young women who named the town after their father, Frederick A. Clark, the landowner of the site now known as Frederick.

The Early Days

In its early days, Frederick was a mining town that was home to mostly Italian immigrants who came to the area to make their living in the coal mines. Paid $2 a day for their dangerous work, miners are often the forgotten heroes of Colorado’s history. The town honors their memory with our annual Miners Day Celebration.

Town History Preservation

We want to give all Frederick residents a chance to participate in the preservation of our Town’s history. This can be as simple as sharing family photos and their histories with the Historic Preservation Commission. Stories and anecdotes are also welcome. Your memories might well spark others. All are invited to share their memories and those of their families. 

Our town history should be special to all of us. Help us by doing whatever you can to share your history.