Traffic Relief

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Solving Some of Frederick’s Biggest Transportation Challenges

The Town of Frederick Board seeks to address some of the community’s high priority transportation related challenges and wants resident input on a proposed 1% sales tax to fund improvements in key areas such as intersections, pothole maintenance, trails and sidewalks, and snow removal.

By investing in these essential transportation upgrades, the town anticipates a range of benefits that will positively impact the entire community. These anticipated benefits include reduced traffic congestion, increased intersection capacity, decreased wait times, improved safety for commuters and pedestrians, decreased wear and tear on vehicles, faster response times and safer travel for first responders, and better connections for pedestrians and bicyclists.


See what Frederick residents had to say in the Survey Results.

Thank you for your valuable input. 
A large percentage of Frederick residents would like to see the Town move forward with a sales tax measure this fall to address unmet transportation needs. However, there are also many residents who responded with heartfelt concern about rapidly raising home values and ongoing cost-of-living challenges. After numerous meaningful discussions and careful consideration of the economic challenges facing many of our residents, the Board has decided NOT to pursue a new sales tax measure. See the Board of Trustees letter to residents.

The Board remains fully committed to preserving Frederick's transportation assets with an approach that prioritizes the quality of life and well-being of our residents. The Town will persist in strategic and efficient budgeting to enhance core services and make steady progress toward improvements.  See our Transportation Master Plan.